Unable to see 'show column summary' option to display a column in group

Hello, I do not see the option to select "show column summary’ from certain column settings so I can display when I collapse to the group.

Please see attached screen shot.

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Hi Leah!

Are you trying to see a summary of all of the items’ subitems at the bottom tab under the column? If so, this is not supported at the moment, unfortunately. However, it is a great idea!

Let us know if you have any other questions!


Hi Charlotte, thank you for your prompt reply.

Correct, I’m trying to see not only the subitem column in the group collapsed summary but a few other columns once the group column is collapsed.
For my better understanding, do you know what the limitations are to what can be selected in the summary when a group is collapsed?
The instructions about column summaries is not specific. It only notes, “certain column types” here: The basics of columns – Support (monday.com).

Is it a limitation to how many you can have? I’m curious why some columns I can select for column summary and some I cannot.

Thank you!

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Hi Charlotte,

Saw this and have the same issue. Any plans to update Monday to support this?

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Same. Would be great to have a summary of the whole column, not by group