Under tight deadline: Expert required - Scope of Work below - detailed - ready to go: Mondays set up for small business, CRM and Marketing

Under tight deadline: Expert - Scope of Work: Mondays set up for small business, CRM and Marketing.

Type of project:

  1. Start immediately - for set up and priority areas read below.

  2. Require a self-starter, someone with experience that can hit deadlines and deliver.

  3. Monetary value: Fixed budget for now and delivery of priorities.

  4. Longer term: Potential to have a retained monthly contract.

Timeline & Bonus

All tasks need to be completed a.s.a.p. A bonus payment is possible if the work can be delivered sooner.

Who this project will work for:

  • A student of freelancer who can commit to fixed hours and deliver.
  • A small consultancy or agency that wants to grow with us and has retained work.

How you will be considered:

  1. Review the scope and respond with bullet points about how you would deliver the work.

  2. Present evidence of your track record working with Mondays

  3. Communication skills - good English, direct approach, nothing vague - we will only accept very direct ‘yes’ and ‘no’ answers to each part of the project. No maybes, no if’s, only facts,

  4. Submit your hourly price or lump price.

  5. Submit your timescale for delivery 1. how long you think it will take in hours and days and 2. your capacity and the speed at which you can deliver.

Open now from 11 AM Monday 20th FEB UK time

Understanding our business

  • Type of business: We are a professional services business, selling consultancy time. I.E at this moment, we do not sell a product which can just be ordered and then dispatched. We do need to engage with our potential customers.
  • How we see Mondays helping:
  • We are starting to run various marketing campaigns for the following months - this is to build brand awareness and sell monthly consulting services.
  • Through automation, we want to try and screen the registrations on the website - i.e. so we have an idea as to whom should be followed up and who are just to be added to the mailing list.
  • Internal working efficiency: to streamline all the work so we can bring all the business workflows into Mondays - etc.
  • For me, as the founder and the owner, it is ensuring that I can oversee each of the work streams from one space.

What we want to achieve by using Mondays:

  1. Automate as many processes as possible - i.e. new registrations on the website, for automated responses to customers, ensuring the sage accountancy platform connects across to the finance team, ensuring that each individual project work stream can be viewed etc.,

  2. What is the solution we think Mondays will bring to us? We would like to set up Mondays as the central working platform for the business: all outward marketing, all internal work streams, accounts, email boxes and client account management.

How to understand this scope and project deliverables:

  • There is a fixed budget for this work. This can be paid hourly or as a lump. [ we will require an invoice for our bookkeeping and tax]
  • We need someone who can work independently and remotely and deliver the program’s critical parts.
  • Depending on the results, this may turn into a monthly retained contract - where you are our Monday’s tech support at a fixed hourly rate.
  • We would like a very simple user guide which is for new starters. This, it can be a word document or PowerPoint, ensuring that users understand the basic steps. i.e. creating boards, linking boards, setting up automation, and setting security.

Type of person:

  1. You need to have excellent communication skills, a proven track record, and a can-do attitude.

  2. Needs to set exact delivery dates and meet them with no excuses.

  3. Understand that we are on fixed, non-moveable timelines.

  4. Respond to a very direct approach to work - i.e. our communication approach is very direct, we are not vague, and we like to have yes or no answers.

How we work: We are decentralised globally - both staff and workers.

What is the problem we are trying to fix: The key challenge is ensuring that tasks stay on track and that, as a team, we can see the priorities.

Bootstrap approach: We operate on a bootstrap; thus, we will take your advice if we need more Monday subscriptions.

  • At present, we have a five-seat licence for the primary Monday platform.
  • You will need to advise if we need the Mondays Marketing tool - and the Mondays CRM tool for managing website registrations and building the sales pipeline and if we also need the marketing tool.
  • This needs to be based on cost. i.E, if the primary tool fixes things for now, we will work with that.

The software/applications we use across the business.

We use google mail, calendar as the main tools.

We use word and PowerPoint.

We use Square Space and will use Mail Chimp.

We will need a booking calendar on the website that integrates into Mondays.

For each member of the team, they will need within their own Monday’s profile: [ jonny, lewis and Hasane]

  1. Gmail inbox going straight in - with a simple prompt reminding which emails need action.

  2. Calendar from Google integrated into Mondays

  3. Project management/ workspace view of their work streams

  4. Access to the CRM, and a way of following up the leads etc

For finance: [gagan]

  1. Gmail inbox going straight in - with a simple prompt reminding which emails need action.

  2. Calendar from Google integrated into Mondays

  3. Project management/ workspace view of their work streams - [tax, banking, invoices/ money owed]

  4. Integration using zapier with Sage, Revolut Bank etc [ Login | Zapier]

For Clients: [Various]

  1. Set up one of the work pages/templates which can be used for our client work

  2. This will need to be secure, i.e. so we can invite them in to work on the various stages of the project

For CRM - Use Mondays needed it at this stage.

  1. Please advise on the subscription we require and then set up for the initial campaign.

  2. At present, there will be one registration form - and then possibly three or four different options - depending on the service of interest.

  3. If people register and the system can qualify them, we need an automated prompt to catch the priority leads.

  4. Do you have any other advice on using the CRM system and maximising its use over time?

For marketing - Using Monday’s tool if it is required at this stage

  1. Setting up the system in one place - focusing now on a. Website renewal b. campaign launch

  2. Advise on the best way to use

  3. Plug in the users who will use the marketing tool going forward.


Set up Mondays CRM: Between 20th - 24th February 2023

Marketing and campaign launch: Due Date 27th

Take a decision on the CRM database and then set it up.

Setting up each member profile

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