Universal formula Variable per board

I would like the ability to use set numbers or values in multiple formulas on the same board and have them be updatable in a central location, which would waterfall into each of the formulas.
EG right now I can do 1 formula as 0.5*(column1+column2), and 0.5*(column3+column4), so if I need to change the 0.5 I have to edit every formula. Another example is I have a formula that depends on a boolean, and in order to apply to every item it needs to be toggled via a checkmark for every item,

I am requesting the ability to store 0.5 somewhere (like the description of the board or in a separate view… so that I can update it there and it would waterfall:

EG X*(column1+column2) and 0.5*(column3+column4). For the boolean value if there were universal variables it could be toggled once and applied to every item without having to set a board default value or mass edit each item.

I am sure this is pretty Niche, but it doesn’t hurt to ask.


Like you said… “It doesn’t hurt to ask.”

One workaround for this type of thing is to create an additional formula column and put the “global” variable there. Not exactly elegant… but only one place to change.

If you want to get “really fancy”… create a global variable board and link to it to get the value with a mirror.

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