Unrelated Emails in Emails & Activity

Is anyone else experiencing a New issue with the Email & Activty? Randomly with this new update, it has pulled in a bunch of personal emails. The setting to only track emails BCC is enabled.

This is a big problem for us as well as we have a ton of internal messages between team members in random emails and activities widgets…

Many of the emails only have internal people in that are completely unrelated to monday? Not in any fields etc, or related to the deal in any way.

I have tried reaching out to support but they are claiming pulling all of my private emails into the email & activities was how it was intended, and that this is not a new change. But it was not until they recently update the Email & Activty section that thousands of personal emails have loaded into Monday. Emails that have been in my inbox before even using Monday.

Hey Tyler - sorry to hear you’re experiencing this, I’d like to investigate this further!

Can you provide some additional details if possible?

  • Is this occurring for only one email connection in the app? Or for all email connections set up?
  • Is this occurring in one board or for all boards that are using the app?
  • Do you have any items connected in a connect boards column to the native item?