Upcoming community hour: mastering mirroring

Upcoming community hour!

We have another awesome community hour coming up led by one of our top knowledge experts. Join our office hour to learn all about mirroring boards.

Hey @Julietteb what time is this going to be held? There seems to be a mismatch in scheduling. The invite in this post indicates 2:00 pm PST, but when clicking on the registration link it instead displays 7:00 am PST.

Additionally, this item does not appear currently in the event calendar.

Thanks for flagging! I am posting from another location so it seems my times got confused. We also will be moving the event 1 week later, due to some scheduling conflicts. Updating now!

Thanks for sharing.

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Hi Everyone!

Just wanted to update that the new time is on September 28th at 10am EST.

Hope to see you all there!

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Hi Juliette!

Will it be recorded? I am in Australia and this is at midnight for me…



Yes this one will be recorded and shared in our community for other time zones!

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