Update a field as a result of different field

I want to have 2 different columns in my board. One is the Status updates and the other one is the log of updates.

so let’s call it ‘Status’ and ‘StatusLog’

when Status is updated to ‘hello A’ → StatusLog will be ‘hello A’
when Status is updates to ‘bye B’ → StatusLog will be

hello A
bye B

How can I create such a column ? (I know I can create updates for each Status update, but I want it as a column)


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I was just trying to setup an automation that can update fields based on the contents of another field.

For example, I am building a private board that will be the basis of a Google Calendar. The Item name column may not be the name of the Google Calendar event’s title, but it’s a good start.

So I would like to set up an automation that says “When Item name changes and if GCal Title is blank, update GCal Title with Item name.”

Hi, Thanks

but this is not a concatenation :frowning:

Oh I know @avihil. I wanted to add my voice to being able to update fields based on formulas using other field.

@avihil This night not be relevant by now but you can use a repository board that maps status a with status b and use the VLOOKUP app (paid app let me know if you need an upgrade to experiment) to auto-link these in multiple boards.