Change column status when an item is created in another board

I would like to setup the following automation:
When an item is created in board B from board A (automation), change a column status in board B. The intention is not for the columns on each board to be mirrored.

Another way to describe it is:
On board B, When an item arrives from another board A, change column status to __.

I tried the following, but it did not work:
When an item is moved to this board “board B”, set column status to label “status 2”.
Any suggestions?

Hi @Katelynn,
In my opinion you don’t need an automation on board B to change the status.
I’m not sure I understood correctly if you are moving or creating a new item on board B, but either way you can define the status you want an item to have when moved/created. Open your automation on board A that triggers the creation of item on board B, and manually type the status you want it to have when moved over. See screenshot. This is also possible when moving an item to another board.

Thank you for the screen shot. When I open the automation in board A, it only shows the status options for board A, not board B.

I have different departments using the different boards. By changing the status of the column in Board A, it puts the task (item) on Board B. Board B users want to know which dept. it came from & have a column on their board with status labels for the other departments. Hope that makes more sense.

OK. I named the status in board A (shown in screenshot) “New item in B” so that made it a bit confusing. Sorry about that.
As I understand it, board A is kind of an intake board where you send the items to different departments (boards) depending on which status you set. If that’s the case, you can add a status column to the other boards that will show which department it came from originally.
Could you specify if the items are MOVED to other boards or CREATES new items? Will the items be moved around to different boards more than once?