Update date of random reschedule appointment (acuity) in monday via zapier


I am using zapier to integrate with monday. When an appointment is reschedule via acuity i want that the new date and the time to be updated in monday.

With the reschedule possibility in zapier now is the update one specific appointment. How can i do an integration that is automatically looks which item it should update?

Hey @mamartina - welcome!

Could you shed a bit more information on your workflow for this integration? We’re no Zapier experts on our end (perhaps someone in the community with more experience can chime in).

As a starting point, I believe you would need somewhere to place the item IDs somewhere (like Google Sheets for example). You would also need something like formatter module within Zapier to make sure that the date format coming from acuity matches our date column format.


The thing is that zapier when i use the reschedule option in zapier , only the specific item /id in that workflow is being updated. No new will be updated.


Hey @mamartina,

Perhaps a new zap can be created just for re-scheduling? I see Zapier has different triggers for appointments being created, cancelled, or re-scheduled:

This could be paired with a monday action such as ‘update column value’.


Hey daniel,

I have used the reschedule trigger fo zapier. But the thing is only the id selected in that zap is being updated. An other appointment that is rescheduled won’t be updated.

Hey @mamartina - I checked in with the team on this one to get a bit more information.

Our current Zapier integration does not support getting column values from items on monday, which makes this a bit challenging at the moment.

One possible (although hacky) workaround we’ve seen other users use is to utilize something like Google Sheets to create a relational database of a certain column’s value for the items you’ve created, and the item IDs associated with them.

From there you can add steps to the zap to locate the relevant column value in Sheets, grab the item ID, and use that Item ID to update the relevant item on your monday board.

All this being said though - I know that is a workaround. I’ve gone ahead and passed the feedback internally to our development team to look into simplfying this in the future.


Hi Daniel,

Can you give me an example of that?

Hi Daniel,

Your suggestion was of great help. I was able to create the integration.


Hey @mamartina - glad that worked!!

Let me know if there’s anything else we can help with.