Update latest field from a weekly report into a portfolio field line item

Hello Community,

Am struggling with this one, wondered if anyone had any tips, I have 2 boards, board A is a portfolio level board and has a single line item for each project. Board B is a project level board within it it has a group called “weekly status” and each week a new line item is added with the latest weekly line item. I am looking to see if it is possible to update the single item project record in the portfolio board and update only the last project weekly up (not the previous ones/not adding new portfolio items. Example - update the latest RAG, latest weekly summary, latest next steps only.

Hey Andrew!

To confirm, you are looking to have changes made in Board A create line items in Board B without having to manually enter info in both boards about the same project? My apologies if I am mistaken on what you’re looking to do!

If so, I’d suggest an automation recipe similar to this custom one:

Let me know what you think about this and if this isn’t quite what you’re after!

Hi Charlotte,

Thanks for the reply, I am trying to add an image to better explain this, basically I would like the fields from an item in a group in Board B being updated to an existing line item in board A (so no new item is created, but just updated.

To complicate matters further that line item in Board B with the 3 fields is part of a transaction list, by that I mean a new item is created weekly in Board B but only the latest line item should update the 3 fields in the existing project line in Board A.

Use case - To assist in portfolio reporting, as a user I want to be able to see the latest reporting updates (3 fields) from a project reporting board weekly status report being updated to the Project portfolio board.

The project board will have a line item added each week for the duration of the project, the status of which will change.

The portfolio board will have an existing line item for that project (but needs to show the latest update of the current weeks reporting only (not the previous week), and not adding a new line into the portfolio board (as the project line item is already there).

So it seems I can set up an automation to do this, but rather I have to export the filtered view into excel and then import that file into the 2nd board. the uploading option allows me to merge selected columns from matched items to upload. Not great, but a step forward