Upgrading Actions for Automations & Integrations [Enterprise]

Currently, if I want more than 25,000 actions, I have to upgrade to 250,000 actions at the Enterprise plan. Which means paying a minimum of $14,000/ year.

Why is there not an option for those who want something more in between? That’s quite a massive jump in tiers.

It seems like you would generate more revenue by allowing those who have maxed-out their Pro level allotment of 25,000 actions to make one-time purchases of “add-on Actions”.

If you could purchase additional actions in fixed increments (let’s say 5,000), it helps companies continue to grow their processes and utilize more complexed/multi-step automations without the worry of going over allotments.

Users can push the boundaries of your software without bottle-necking, and you generate more revenue because you’re making it more financially scalable — by adding deeper granularity to upgrades.

Is this a “win/win” you’d consider?

Hi @RickeyCraig - As a certified partner, my company Polished Geek has the ability to help you purchase a smaller Enterprise account than the standard entry point of 25 seats ($14k, as you mentioned). If you don’t need quite that many seats but still want the Enterprise features, contact me and let’s see if I can assist you in getting the functionality you need at a lower annual cost. You can book a time with the link below or reach out to me at deb@polishedgeek.com directly.

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