Purchasing additional actions

Is it possible to purchase additional actions, kind of like an “in-app purchase”? I find there’s a big jump from Standard to Pro with 250 vs 25,000 actions. I wouldn’t need all the features (and can’t justify the costs) of being on the Pro, but 250 actions/month is just not enough.

That is a good idea.

I wonder if I should move this to Feature requests or just open a separate topic there, requesting this feature to be added?

Hi @iszabo & @nikolamujdzic - thanks for sharing this feedback! I know this is something that has come up before, but I don’t see a current post on this topic in the Feature Requests category. I think this is a great fit for that section if you’d like to add it there as well!

We really appreciate feedback and requests from our users so we can continue to improve the product :slight_smile:

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I agree! I ran into the same issue a couple weeks ago.

Created a new topic in the Feature requests, feel free to upvote if agree: Additional actions in-app purchase