I'm confused by the overlap of Monday Work Management + other Work OS Products features

Hi all, I am a Monday Work Management user. I have briefly dabbled with a free trial of Sales CRM but don’t know much about this product.
I am seeking clarification on behalf of my clients re what seems like an overlap/grey area when it comes to the features included with Work Management and those included with other Work OS Products.

I get that you have to have a Work Management Plan in order to use any Work OS product like Monday Sales CRM. And I know that you can have a different number of seats in each but they must be on the same pricing tier (eg Pro).

But what I have always been confused about is this;

Say I am looking at signing up for Monday Work Management and Monday Sales CRM at the Pro Plan level.

The Work Management Pro Plan features list 25,000 Automation & Integration actions per month. The Sales CRM Pro Plan lists exactly the same number.
Does this mean that I get up to 25,000 actions per month for all Automations within my Work Management Plan and on top of that I get another 25,000 actions per month for all Automations per month within my Sales CRM plan?

I’m just using this as an example to figure out if the features/limits listed on the Sales CRM Pricing Page are actually features specific to Monday Sales CRM and therefore are additional to the features included in Work Management or whether in fact many of the features listed on the Sales CRM pricing page are actually Work Management features.

Hopefully this makes sense and somebody can offer some insight… And hopefully Monday makes it’s pricing pages/structure clearer because I think there is a whole lot of grey out there…



Hey Patrick,

We appreciate your feedback regarding the pricing page - our goal is to ensure that features and pricing associated with each plan and product is as a clear as possible, so we will certainly share this with our internal team :pray:

In regard to distinguishing features between Work management and the sales CRM product, you might find this article quite useful in understanding the unique add-on features specific to the sales CRM product. I am happy to post the content in my response below for other community members that might be in the same position.

To break it down, the following are features only available on the sales CRM product:

  • CRM item page
  • Deal Stages Widget
  • Funnel Chart
  • Shared templates on Emails & Activities
  • Shared email inbox
  • Batch emails
  • Mobile CRM experience
  • Leaderboard widget

As for those core features in your Pro Work Management plan that match the core features in the Pro sales CRM product, this doesn’t mean you get double of these features - i.e. 50k actions across both Work Management and sales CRM - you’d just receive the 25k actions as they’re apart of the core features within the Pro plan, and are not unique add-ons offered in the product - this goes for all features within the Pro work management plan and Pro sales CRM product. Does this make sense? :pray:

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Hi Bianca! Can Sales CRM work with current Monday.com Work OS Boards?

Hey @Rach12!

If you have existing boards in your core Work OS plan, you should be able to move these boards between products - i.e. to your sales CRM product.

Does this answer your question? :pray:

But once you move it, then only people who are part of monday sale CRM add-in can view it or work out of it.

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This is correct @Rach12 - only those users part of the sales CRM product will be able to access it and the associated CRM features.