My personal intro | monday sales CRM

Hey all :wave:I’m Elke from the Monday sales CRM team.
I’m super excited to be here - letting you all know about upcoming features, sharing tips and tricks, answering your questions, and collecting your thoughts and suggestions on everything CRM-related. Feel free to contact me or tag me in comments, discussions, or posts. Looking forward to connecting and chatting with you :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Elke, I’ve recently learned about Monday Sales CRM (and Work Management, Projects etc) and am busy trying to educate myself about the differences between the “old” Work OS as I know it, Monday Work Management and Monday Sales CRM.
So far, from what I can tell, the only feature that Sales CRM offers that isn’t either already available or buildable in Work Management is Merge Duplicates (and from memory, Duplicates Warning but I think that’s only at Enterprise level).
Am I missing something obvious with Monday Sales CRM? Are there other unique features that users get with Sales CRM that they don’t get and can’t build with Monday Work Management?
I’m trying to understand the value of the Monday Sales CRM add-on for my clients and I’m just not seeing it at the moment. I’m not saying this to be negative and I’m sure there will be tonnes of awesome and unique features coming to Sales CRM in the future, but I’m just wondering what additional functionality users get for their money? Can you enlighten me please? (I am working my way through the training videos as well by the way). Cheers, Patrick


Hey Patrick!

Olga here, I’m a Knowledge manager for monday sales CRM.

Actually, there are tons of cool features that monday sales CRM introduces - we’ve added shared email templates to Emails&Activities and here is my update regarding it. We also added Deal stages widget (can be found in the Leads and Opportunities boards) and many more. You can read more about product specific features here - All The New Features Monday Sales CRM Is Offering
Let me know if you have more questions :slight_smile: