Upload to Google Drive/Dropbox Issue (Zapier)

Hi there!

I’m having the following issue with the setup I’ll lay out below.

-We’ve setup a board linked to a form.
-This form contains a question where an upload is required
-The board naturally has a new item created with all of the forms information present

This is where Zapier comes in
-Zapier triggers when a new item is created in the selected board
-It exports the uploaded (image)file to a designated location on our Google Drive (Workspace)

Unfortunately uploaded file is unusable in the state it arrives in our Google Drive. It’s simply a file that has some CSS or HTML as its content related to Monday.com.

Things we’ve tried to fix this so far:
-Remove branding by upgrading to the “Pro” subscription
-Setting up an e-mail to be created/sent first in Zapier as an event and then another event that takes the contents of that e-mail and dumps it
-Setting up dropbox as the storage location instead of Google Drive
-Having Google Drive change the filetype
-Manually changing the filetype

Basically nothing we’ve thrown at this problem has worked. Would love any assistance.