Uploaded build, but cannot see it work in a board view

Hi, I ran npm run build to build my project, then compressed it and uploaded build.zip to Monday.com. However, now, when I go to board view and select my app, I can’t see anything. There are no error logs either. What should I do?

Kinda urgent since I want to create a demo video using my app for the hackathon.

Any advice much appreciated! Thanks.

So, had the same problem. Here is some debugging I did:

  1. See that you uploaded the contents of the build folder, not the build folder itself
  2. If you are using a router or any type of rewriting, there’s no directive set.

My advice is not to lose too much time debugging and just add your local URL for the demo. You can do that and still publish. In the end I used another hoster for my files and gave that URL.

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Wow thanks that was really quick and informative! I appreciate the help. Does that essentially mean that if I am using a routing library like react-router-dom, things are expected to break?

No worries, I know how stressful the last couple of hours are.

I am not entirely sure. I just have a strong feeling that is the case. I am also curious and I’ve opened a topic about it here: Serving my app from monday.com (deploy via upload) not working correctly

Good luck at the hackathon!

Thanks and you too! Almost to the finish line :slight_smile:

Hey @callmediddy - welcome to the community!

Thank you so much for helping out @kioleanu - we love seeing the community working together :slight_smile:

Let me know if you have any other questions!


Hi @dsilva thanks for the welcome! As an update: I figured it out.

Using HashRouter instead of BrowserRouter does the trick. For anyone out there also having similar issues with in-app routing on apps deployed on monday.com!

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