Urgent help please: Dependencies not working

Please help, I cannot get dependencies to work at all. It’s the Australian working day but the Monday helpdesk isn’t responding to me.
In the screengrab attached, I cannot get the dates of ‘Punch List’ to be dependent on ‘Renovation carried out’. I have upgraded to a PRO account; I have set the ‘dependencies’ column to be dependent on timelines; I have tried deleting the ‘punch list’ task and recreating it.

hi @Csplat
Welcome to the community! I guess what is missing is the timeline in the “Punch list” item. Try setting a timeline there (so the duration is known) and then set the dependency. Also if you set a timeline with a lag (a gap between the dependents and and this start), then set the dependency and then move the dependent timeline the lag will not be maintained. I.e. the second item will only move if the dependent items moves beyond it’s start date.