URL doesn't receive data from Webhook even though challenge is handled

So I’m creating webhooks through an API call, which works great, and my program handels the challenge string as it is supposed to do. But my problem is:
When I change a column or create an item it doesn’t get sent to my specified URL. I’ve tried tracing the script just to see if it receives something, but nothing comes through except for the challenge(even though I’ve integrated the possibility to create item and change column value).
I even checked the Integration Activity, but it’s completely empty. Do I have to refresh something after creating an item or changing a column? Or is it supposed to just send the info straight away?
Thankful for any help!

Hi @Sina when you click integrate on the board do you see the webhook that you created? Is it turned on and does it point to the correct URL?

Hello Bas! It was actually a problem on my end. In the system I’m working in I have to put specific tags in the beginning of the script for receiving data, and I didn’t put these tags. That was the problem, nothing wrong from Mondays end. All good now! Thank you though! :slight_smile:

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