User icons for Likes in Updates

In a recent update, the Like reference in the updates column was changed from user icons showing which people liked an update to a simple thumbs-up icon and a numeral.
This is a feature we use to see who has approved a change and now it means everyone needs to click in or at least hover to see who has approved the update. Before this is was visible as to who had approved.
It’s a tiny thing, but it was a valuable feature for Monday and has now added an unnecessary step to our workflow.

Any way to switch it back?

Hey Jim,

Thank you for your feedback :pray:

Transparently this isn’t something that we are planning on changing at this stage, however I will share your comments with the relevant team and update you on any changes in the future.

Hi Bianca,

I’m sorry to hear that sounds like a permanent change. To me it seems that removing people from the process, even if it is just their representative icons, is counterintuitive for a product designed to help people connect and get more done.