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Hey yall! I made a formula to take First initial, last name, and account number from two columns and combine them. We ran into a issue with people having 2 last names. Any fixes?

The column looks like this: Berry, Jim | 5654

Code as of now turns it into: JBERRY5654

Here is the code as we speak.

UPPER(LEFT(RIGHT({Name},MINUS(LEN({Name}),SEARCH(" “,{Name},1)))),1) & UPPER(regexextract({Name},”[\w]*")) & {AccN}

If possible id like to keep that, and if they have two last names just combine them for first inital, both last names, accn

@JCorrell (sent you the e-mail)

Would like it to read ILIGHTENERREIMER2276

If they have two names.

The formula as of now works great for a regular first initial, last name.


Bumping this post up.


Try this:
UPPER(SUBSTITUTE(REGEXREPLACE({Name}, "(.*),\s*(.).*", "$2$1"), " ", "")) & {AccN}

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