Using a column name for items_page_by_column_values instead of column_id

Hi there

Just would like to know if it is in any way possible to use the name of a column as an argument in the items_page_by_column_values API instead of the column_id, which in this case is the generic “text”, “status”, etc. I don’t see anywhere in the documentation that it can’t be done and it would be super helpful if it can be.

In the example above, I’d like to filter where Date Estimated is 4 October. Querying 4 October gives all 3 items with date 4 October. If it isn’t possible to use the name of the column instead of column_id, how could I filter to get the Date Estimated = 4 October specifically? This is just an example of an implementation I’m trying to code; the actual problem is similar just more complex.

I’m helping out a customer and they complained about the readability of the code when using the API. For what they’re trying to do, and the structure of their boards, “coulmn_id = monday column type” wouldn’t help readability at all.

So, is it possible?


hi @kabelok

It is just the opposite of what you (as it looks like) think. The column names can be changed by the end user and therefore can be duplicates, while the column IDs are generated by monday are are unique per board.

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