Using a formula to indicate pass / fail


New to using formulas in, I am attempting to create a bowling chart for internal metrics and I am using this formula. I want the values for targets of 0, 35, and 2 to show green when the value in Feb 20 is = or below, but the formula I have seems to ignore these 3. All others work as anticipated, if = or above green check, if below X. Can someone help me with my syntax so it functions as needed?

IF(AND({Target} = 0, {Feb 20} <= {Target}), “:white_check_mark:”, IF(AND({Target} = 35, {Feb 20} <= {Target}),“:white_check_mark:” ,IF(AND({Target}= 2,{Feb 20} <= {Target}),“:white_check_mark:”,IF({Feb 20} >= {Target},“:white_check_mark:”,“X”))))

I appreciate any assistance.


Hi @AdamF,

If I understood correctly, this should work:

IF({Feb 20}>={Target},"✓",IF(OR({Target}=0,{Target}=2,{Target}=35),"✓","x"))

Thank you @GCavin I tried that in my first attempt and it seems that monday is ignoring the OR part of the statement.


0, 2, & 35 should show an X with the values in the Feb 20 column being over the target.

I have tried to just isolate one of the result values that should be below the target and that does not work either.

IF({Feb 20} >= {Target},“:white_check_mark:”, IF(AND({Target} = 0,{Feb 20}<={Target}), “:white_check_mark:”,“X”))