Using API data as a widget

Hi folks. I am new to and have a question about the API. I have been using the API Playground, and have been able to run commands from it, but the commands are mostly for internal Monday stuff - like adding items, workspace, etc. I am new to using API and I am wondering, as an example, can I pull data from using their free API token, then displaying a Widget on my dashboard that shows the weather information? If anyone can help me figure this out, I can then figure out how to pull data from other resources (like a database) using this procedure. Thank you!


That’s a great question. Thanks for reaching out and I’m happy to welcome you to our developers community. :slight_smile:

You can definitely connect to an external API and display that info within as a widget. I would recommend looking into our Apps Framework. You can use the mondaySDK to create a widget, board view or item view, and connect to external APIs as well as the API in order to visualize data.

I’d recommend looking into the following resources:

I hope this helps as a general pointer, and that you have a great journey building new solutions with us! :slight_smile: