Using Forms as Internal ticket system for project requests

We’ve set up a form that we use for creative requests. But there is no option for the request to be trackable once it’s created. It would be helpful to have a ticketing option for the request form where the finished form generates a reference number and/or link that the user can return to and see the status of their request, the information they initially provided etc.

Is there no way to do this currently?


What about this:

  1. Use the Item ID Column as the ticket number.
  2. Set up an automation that assigns the person who creates the item as an assignee.
  3. Set an automation that emails the person to know their ticket has been created and provide the item # in that email. Include a link to a Dashboard :point_down: for ticket statuses.
  4. Create a Dashboard that is a Dynamic view to only show that person’s “assigned” tickets - then just have an Open Tickets widget and a Closed Tickets widget. Filter those widgets to show whatever data on the ticket you want to show.

I didn’t test this, but I think it would work! Let me know if you have questions.


I don’t think that will work, sometimes the people filling out the form work in the company, but don’t use, so the board must be public, causing this issue:

There is no way to make the contents of a board visible publicly without publishing for anyone to see - which means you really can’t filter it to a user.

That said, if you collect the submitters email in the process you could email them updates as statuses change?

That would be just the same as contacting them through other internal processes.
That said, it could maybe be useful to do the following:

  • Collect email
  • Collect Item ID (could not find how to get that in monday)
  • Create automation to send email when status changes with a) Item ID, b) link to board item, c) current status

There is an Item ID column type that reveals the ID that could be used.

Are these users members of the account (such as visitors that can view only, or guests)?

I am not sure how you would restrict viewing of tickets to just an individual persons tickets without some sort of account membership.

The board is set to viewable by anyone in the company with an account. It’s not really an issue that people see other open requests. It would be cool if the email can include a link to a dashboard view that only shows items where the Requestee name is the same for each item.

gotcha, if they have an account you can then assign them to people. I was under the impression that ticketing system was for non-account members.

Generating the link is doable in an email, so that should work. I’d recommend a board view that is configured to filter on “(me)” for the “ticket submitter” field. Then they can see just their tickets by opening that view.

It won’t always be the case that the requestee is someone with a account. So I can’t use the fields that require the board to be private (such as owner, person etc.) See my post with the screencap above about that restriction.

That’s the issue, the only built in filtering monday has that you can filter based on who is viewing, is via a Person column (owner is just a person column named owner). So the viewer must have an account for it to know who they are.

There are a few third-party options out there that integrate with monday (or are built on monday but provide a custom portal for people to view with).

Ah, thanks for the clarification. Would be cool to have more conditional options and functionality built into It’s another topic entirely, but I also find it difficult to create custom automations that do exactly what I want when I don’t have ways of making it conditional. It’s always “When this, do that” but I’d appreciate the ability to add “When this, do that, except if, then this”

There are some conditions you can set on custom automations. If you click the + button next to the “When this” part of the recipe (first part) it will give you a number of conditionals you can pick such as “when status changes to x, only if status is y, do this”

While that works for refining conditions to more specific criteria, it doesn’t allow you to combine inputs and get multiple possible outputs. IE: “When Status changes to something, if Other Status is X, do A, otherwise if Other Status is Y, do B”
The current state of things is that I need two automations, one for reach result.

Yes, that is how it is today (and probably will be for an indefinite time), that you need multiple automations for that.

What if you set up the users as “viewers” in Not sure if that will allow them to submit or not, but I would try that to see if it works. Viewers are free but are able to see specific boards and their email will be associated with an account in

Can you explain a bit more about how i do that?

Of course - Go to your team settings:

Then click the Invite button and you should have the option to add people as a Member (paid) or as a Viewer (free).

What about using a FORM?

We put this out there Database

and people fill it out and we have automations that do things when it comes in?

You could set it so that the automation gives everyone a ticket number

I am already using a Form. The question was about how to make the form information and status re-accessible. I have implemented some of the solutions presented here to have status updates sent by email. Was just trying to figure out how to include a link in that status update email that can bring the user to the board to see the status for themselves.

I tried doing as you suggested and got an issue where the email appears red, and I can’t click the invite button:

(used example email to show what I mean for privacy reasons)
I suspect it’s because I’m not an admin account for our company?