Form Submit Button Options

If I have a form created with an email address field, is there a way to send the form details to that email address once the user clicks on the submit button?

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In the collecting board, you might use an automation like
”When an item is created Then send an email to someone”
including all the info you want in the email message.

I’m looking for an automated email to go to the person who created the form request - it could be one of many people who use the form. Trying to use this as a ticket request form - emailing the person who submitted the form a response or a copy of the form they submitted.


If the person submitting the form is a member on your account, you could create an automation

“when an item is created assign creator as NAME OF COLUMN”

Then create an integration with gmail (or email account)

*"when COLUMN changes, send an EMAIL to SOMEONE"

The column and someone would be the People (column). Assuming the creator of the ticket has their email in their Monday profile. This will allow a copy of what the creator submitted to be sent to them.

@lorio Just to add to @kaylau solution - if the submitter is a monday member you can just use the Creation Log column as this will identify the user who submitted the form.