Send email to people after they submit a form

I would like there to be an option for the person filling the form to receive an email acknowledging that they filled the form in, optionally with a PDF of the form or a link to view it. I would also like to allow people to change their response in some of my forms.

These are all options available on Google forms that I feel are basic requirements for an online form. I don’t see why it shouldn’t be possible with the native forms too.

Hey @Rua,

If I am understanding correctly, you can achieve this via our email integrations! Would the recipe below work for you? You would just need to setup an email column with the submitters email populating the column - you can gather their email address by including an email column in the form.

Essentially when the form is submitted, by default an item is created in the board. You can then customise the email to include an acknowledgement that the form has been submitted, as well as include all the item data (form submission data).

Let me know what you think!

Thanks Bianca.
Yes this could be ok for a basic acknowledgment email. It does not however solve any of the other things I mentioned.

If we were to include the person’s responses in the email these responses would appear in a long list or however we format the email. It does not offer a pdf copy to be sent.

It also doesn’t offer the option for the responses to be changed or even viewed again by the person.

These things cannot be solved with automations or integrations. They really need to be built into the Work Forms app by the developers. Without these sort of basic functions it really feels like a budget store version of a branded app.

I suggest google forms is used as an example.