Using Gmail to send new leads to Monday - automatically

Hi - I am unsure how to use gmail to send new leads automatically to Monday. Recipes don’t seem to work because the emails we receive won’t always have the same words, and will always be from different people. I wanted to try triggering gmail to send to board when I apply a ‘prospects’ label, but that doesn’t seem possible.

Is there any way to send a specific type of email automatically from Gmail to Monday?

Thank you!

Hi @MattRWA - How about setting up Gmail filters to forward the emails that match to the appropriate lead board email address on monday․com? Or you could build a Zapier flow to parse the emails and send them in that way.

If every lead email is different (different subject, different sender, different body), how would I set up a filter?

@MattRWA you could set up a filter to forward an email when the label “lead” is applied:

Thanks. The issue is that when i set up the filter, it tries to send a verification code to the board email address, and nothing ever comes through. So I can’t complete the filter.

Hi just bumping this:

Creating a forwarding email address to a Monday board doesn’t work. Gmail sends a verification code which I need to enter to finalise it, and it never appears. Should the code be appearing on the Monday group somehow?

Has anyone been able to get emails sent from gmail, to a board, based on assigning a label to it? O

I use an! scenario.

  1. In Gmail, emails from a certain sender go past the inbox into a folder. UNREAD.
  2. In Integromat. Any UNREAD email in this folder are pushed to a specific board & group on

Thank you for this. Do you know if I could set up this same scenario using gmail labels instead of a sender?