Using Monday for stock inventories

HI Everyone,

I am trying to use for stock and inventory purposes and failiing to combine it all to give me stock counts. I have a board that collates my orders (using mirror functions to pull in the data in case of live changes) - ‘order board’.

I have a stock board contain the amount of stock I have in the warehouse.

I believe my problem is that i have orders that contain multiple products. I cannot find a way to get Monday to give me a summary of the ordered amounts. I have attempted to use Vlookup App but cannot get this to connect and show just the amounts of product for each relevant line.

Anyone able to help?

Thanks, Rob

Hi @robraw - managing inventory in monday can be a bit of tricky thing. It’s hard to answer without having some additional details around everything you have setup.

Are you utilizing the count function on your connected board column to determine the numbers (ConnectedColumn#Count). You could use that in a formula to try to get your proper levels.

Again, I think a little more information on how exactly everything is setup today would be helpful in determining the right solution.