Most obscure boards

Hey guys,

Thought it could be cool to share here the quirkiest uses of!

We just opened a board for our team night out. We added the menu from the restaurant in the pulse at the top of the board. Everyone was then asked to add their order for the delicious Mexican take away we planned and it made ordering for everyone much simpler.

Here’s what the board looked like in the end:

Share your obscure boards here in reply.

Thanks :smiley:


Hey this is awesome.

My fiance and I made a board to track the different venues and pricing for our wedding. :slight_smile:


Love this!! I used a similar structure to plan my best friend’s Bridal show :grinning:


We had a team karaoke night and used the board to field song requests and vote.


@MelissaFox Do you have a screenshot of this?? That sounds amazing and one we could use here in NYC!

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Similarly to the wedding plan board, I used Monday to create a project board for a quilt I am making; I also use one as an inventory for fabrics. Monday works great for personal and business uses :slight_smile:

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I also would love to see a screenshot of your board!

Not entirely in line with the rest of you, but we use a board to keep track of locations and timezones.
It can get quite difficult to see if you can call someone, or if they are fast asleep :smile:


11 Likes I hope Ron got his “extra love” :slight_smile:


Hahaha, of course! :wink:

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@Erik do you use the lookup column to show the time for the client in a contact list or rollodex board?

We use a board to do our inventory. Not sure that it qualifies as “obscure” but i haven’t seen another Monday user comment on using it to track inventory!


We update the “amount in office” column and then the formula updates whether or not it needs to be ordered, which is determined by a “minimum threshold” that is calculated through looking at a 90 day average of how much of that product we use. The “amount to purchase” then serves as the amount we know to buy. This makes it easy for anybody in our organization to check inventory and then purchase items very quickly. (the maintenance of the board is also fairly short once set up)

It is also updated periodically (once every quarter or so) to reflect each item’s current market price for a few separate venders, so we know where to order each product for the best pricing.


Would you mind if I link to this in a new topic in the for category as I think this workflow is actually something many could learn from and think it’s better placed there?

Really love the way you have set up the board and the use of the formula column is amazing :slight_smile: Would you mind sharing the formula you use to set this up so others can also use it?

2 Likes Yeah, no problem! Feel free. A caveat to the board would be that if Monday could create an automation that updated a status column when text in a column “contains, value”, then it would eliminate a huge amount of work on not only this board, but other boards for us as well.

6 Likes hello from Argentina,
taking this example leades me to another feature, it would be wonderful to control de status column from a formula column, or from an automation like @mrdjallen mention.
i have a board with due dates of the employee´s team and i like to control it from a formula or an automation like “when due date changes the status is OK”



Check out this post. Someone shared a way to use a formula to set statuses which then could be used in an automation. Not sure if it fits your use case completely though.

We love Monday so much that our need to make boards sometimes is exagerated.

We sometime made a board for tracking the times our little dog “Appi” barked in the office.


Wow, your Office Inventory board is beautiful. I should post mine when I get to a computer. That’s my style for sure. :star_struck:

I like how Amazon is in orange and Walmart is in blue. Are you able to modify tag colors like that, or was that a coincidence? :sweat_smile:

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@Thao.SFE You can customise your tag colours with a limited palette of colours offered by Monday. User-defined colours are not yet available.

See “How to edit a tag”

Hey, thanks!

You should post yours here too. I’d love to see it.

The tag colors being proper was a complete coincidence. LOL It’s the little things that make the difference, however, i suppose.

We would typically use Excel for our inventory, and while we have lost a good amount of automation by moving our inventory to Monday, we’ve made up for it with the user experience and having most of our processes on Monday as a single platform.

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