Formula Column to Assign Numeric Values


We’re using monday as a CRM and as we grow the number of leads in our system, we need a way to prioritize them. I want to use the formula column to build a lead scoring system.

For example one part of the lead scoring system might look like:
If the status = decision maker, then 5 points
If the status = likely decision maker, then 4 points
If the status = Not a decision maker, but an influencer, then 3 points
If the status = Unlikely to be a decision maker, then 2 points
If the status = Not a decision maker, then 1 point

How can I assign a numeric value in the formula column that changes depending on what the status is marked as?

Then I could easily sort the board based on the cumulative lead score and make sure I’m spending my time correctly.


Hi Patrick, thanks for writing in!

You can use the IF formula to build the scoring system, try this one:

IF({Research}=“Decision maker”,“5 points”,IF({Research}=“likely decision maker”,“4 points”,IF({Research}=“Not a decision maker but an influencer”,“3 points”,IF({Research}=“unlikely”,“2 points”,IF({Research}=“not a decision maker”,“1 point”,“3 points”)))))

It should look like this:


Thanks so much for your help!

I really appreciate you figuring that out!

I’m getting an error in my formula. Below is the formula I used.

IF({DM}=“Yes”,“5 points”,IF({DM}=“Likely / Influencer”,“4 points”,IF({DM}=“No, but Influencer”,“3 points”,IF({DM}=“Unknown”,“2 points”,IF({DM}=“Unlikely”,“2 points”,IF({DM}=“No”,“1 point”,“3 points”)))))

This is what the column looks like on my board. Does this search by the name of the status, or should I be using the column IDs from the API?

Hey @Patrick,

It looks like you’re missing a final closed bracket at the end of the formula, can you let me know if that works?

If not, if you can send over a screenshot of the full board and the error you’re receiving?