IF Statement Statuses need values next to each Status Name


I am trying to create the following with the IF Statement but i’m having an issue why the toher status columns are not following suit

Status Column Names:
City and Utility
Schedule Installation
Installation Started
Request Engineering
On Hold

I want a Formula value column called Milestone Values next to these “Statuses”

Example below but It is only working on 1 of the statuses what am I doing wrong?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated,

I want to associate each status name with a value, 1 = City and Utility and next Status “Schedule Install” = 2 and so forth

Hope that makes sense



Here’s one simple way:

IF({Milestone} = "City and Utility", 1, 0) +
IF({Milestone} = "Schedule Installation", 2, 0) +
IF({Milestone} = "Installation Started", 3 ,0) + ....

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Thanks Jim! I appreciate it that worked like a charm


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