IF formula on a Status field

I want to check a status column (using the default ‘status’ field) for empty values and return a value in another column based on the empty status:


When the ‘Status’ column is unselected (i.e., its grey (by default), and has no value associated with grey), the new column shows “INCOMPLETE”, but it should show “COMPLETE”.

Could this be that the grey label in a Status field has a value associated with it, even tho there is no value given to it?

Hi John,



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@data_quantum Try naming the empty status. That’s what i do and it works fine. I attached an example.

Test 1

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Awesome! This did the trick, thanks @GCavin :slight_smile:

@Jguido that also looks like a workable solution, although I haven’t tried it yet, thanks for replying!