Formula with empty/default status not working

What is the syntax for empty status column - the gray default one ?
i tried this formula and it doesnt work -
“Missing DOC TYPE”,

Hello @NytaiK !

I believe you cannot check whether a file column is empty with a formula.

My suggestion is creating a status column named for example “Documents Provided?” with a default value of No.

In addition to that, create an automation as follows :

When column ( file column) changes, set “Documents Provided?” to Yes!

Essentially uploading a file to an empty column counts as a change, so this would likely be appropriate for your use case.

Hope this helps!

Giannis, Implementation Consultant at

I’m not trying to check if a file column is empty i’m trying to check if a status column is empty

Ah, I see. Just input a value like “Empty” in the default value and you should be okay :slight_smile:


IF({Status 3}="Empty","Empty","Not Empty")

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thanks very simple solution :slight_smile:

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