Automations based on File Column/Formula to tell if column is empty or not

Hello-Trying to build an automation on a board that will be based off if a document has been uploaded under a file column or to build a formula showing whether a file column is empty or not and would use that column for my automation.

What would trigger this automation? Changes to the files column, then set a status for example?

Are you open to third-party apps to solve this issue?

We would have a handful of requirements that once everything was done, would move an item to someone’s workflow. We currently have status columns for our finance, sales reps, and inventory departments to check off when they complete their tasks. Once those are all checked off, it moves to our invoicing department however they are not able to do anything until a sales order is uploaded in the files column. The file could be uploaded before everything is checked off but it could also be uploaded after everything is checked off.

Gotcha. And the new condition on automations that checks if a column is empty or not doesn’t support the files column.

But I am the developer of an app (Column Magic) which has a recipe:

When column changes check files column and set status to something if a file was last added and something else if a file was last deleted

We have another one that may also work but I need to check it will work right with files columns (that sets a status if a column is or is not empty)

Ideally though, do you have a text pattern for the file names for the sales order? In an ideal world you’d want to make sure a file with the right naming scheme has been uploaded to the files column.

When column changes, check if file column contains a file with text in name set status to something

Hey Dusty!

The product team has confirmed that they’ve expanded the supported columns in if column is empty automation to the following column types:

  • File
  • World Clock
  • Location
  • Time tracking
  • Rating

I understand you’re also looking to have the formula column included, so I will be sure to relay this internally :pray: