Combining Formula's

Dear all,

I’m trying to automatically generate a value in a certain column based on the status column. We have a status column which indicates 4 levels of project sizes:

S (0-1M)
M (1-3M)
L (3-6M)
XL (>6M)

Based on the project size I’d like to estimate the amount of hours an employee will spent on the project per week (corresponding values are S=2 hours, M=4 hours, L=8 hours, XL= 16+ hours).

I’m using the below formula, however it doesnt seem to work. Does anyone have an idea what I’m doing wrong? Thank you in advance!

IF({Project Size Estimate}=“S (0-1M)”,2,IF({Project Size Estimate}=“M (1-3M)”,4,IF({Project Size Estimate}=“L (3-6M)”,8,IF({Project Size Estimate}=“XL (>6M)”,16+)))))

I figured it out! :slight_smile:

IF({Project Size Estimate}=“please specify”, “please specify Project Size Estimate”,IF({Project Size Estimate}=“S (0-1M)”, “2 hrs p/w”,IF({Project Size Estimate}=“M (1-3M)”, “4 hrs p/w”,IF({Project Size Estimate}=“L (3-6M)”, “8 hrs p/w”,IF({Project Size Estimate}=“XL (>6M)”, “16+ hrs p/w”)))))