Formula suggestions

I have a status column which shows the project cost category e.g. personnel costs, travel costs, subcontracting etc…
I then have a number column for the amount spent and a formula column to calculate the overheads calculated as an additional 25% of the amount spent.
the formula i have is

However I want to add an ‘IF’ rule to the formula so if the status is ‘subcontracting’ the overheads claimed amount will always be €0. so something like this:

MULTIPLY({SPENT},0.25) AND(IF({Status}=“Subcontracting”,“€0”)

Can anyone suggest the correct formula please.

Kind regards


SUM({Expense Amount}, IF({Status}=“Subcontracting”, {Expense Amount}*0, {Expense Amount}*0.25))

is this what you’re looking for?

It didn’t work for me :slightly_frowning_face: but thank you for giving it a go.
Also the overhead amount is 25% of the expense amount (sorry this is down to the way i explained it in my original post.