Basic Inventory Management

Hi community,

monday noob here - hope you can help me with this one!

Background to our company:
We are building a physical product that is made of 4 different components.
To create one piece of our products, we need one piece of each component.

What I want to build:
I want to build an Inventory Management system for our components that is connected to our orders.

I have a board called “Orders”. Each item represents one individual order.
I have another board called “Inventory”. Each item represents one component and includes a “numbers” column to show how many pieces of this component we have in our warehouse.

If I add a new item in the board “Orders”, I want that this number in the board “Inventory” is automatically reduced by 1. This accounts for the fact that to build this physical product, we need 1 piece of this component.

Is this somehow possible to achieve? It seems so simple but I couldn’t find a way to make it work. Thank you in advance!

Hi @christophschneeweiss - A very warm welcome to the community! You have certainly come to the right place as there are many incredible experts here.

Based on what you have described, I don’t think this is possible in native Monday functionality. However this appears it could be achieved utilizing outside tooling such as Integromat.

If this is something you would like to discuss more, feel free to drop me a message here via DM or


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