Board ideas for Products inventory and transactions

Hello from Argentina!
Im in need of ideas on making a board to track and control :

  • Products Inventory over more than one warehouse.
  • Keep traking of the input-output transactions (stock and $$$) that affects this inventory.

Thanks! Have a nice weekend


hey! hello from México!
We also have an inventory. Our inventory is not for sale because is our main tool for work. We make events around México such as weddings, corporate presentations and concerts. Although every product in our inventory has a price in case we decide to sell it. We also have some status that tell us the state of the product. You’ll understand more because the board is in spanish. Saludos amigo!!


That´s just what i´ve been looking for!!
muchas gracias! abrazo, estamos en contacto.


@hlopezvc Nice to help help you! Abrazo!

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Hello! We are very interested in your inventory boards . . . but I don’t read/speak Spanish. Could you possible provide the information in English?

We want to track physical inventory counts in As we update the counts weekly, I will have a column for Minimum Qty we want to have on hand as well as reorder points. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Hi @Sharon4SMSS :wave:

Welcome to the Community!

As the new moderator for the Community I wanted to just jump in here, in case you were still looking to set this up.
We’ve gone ahead and translated all of the columns in the board, along with the column type.
This should make it easy for you to set up a similar board in your own account!

Quantity (number)
Brand (Name)
Status (Status) → Active/ Not active
Esthethics (Status) → Perfect, some minor defects, etc.
Functionality (Status) - Complete or not complete (does it work or not)
Price (Number)
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I hope this helps!