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I am looking to create a simple inventory tracking automation. I can’t seem to get it working.

I have an Item in Board 1 that uses 1 unit of stock in a process. Once that process is marked as status complete i want the Inventory item In Board 2 to decrease the total stock amount by 1 unit (Unit amount used in item process of board 1). For example:

When Status changes to Complete in an item of Group 1 in Board 1, decrease number value of Item’s Inventory column value of "Board 2 " in Group 1

I hope my outline above makes sense. Is this possible? any help would be greatly appreciated. I am not looking to spend extra on external apps and integration software

Please let me know

thank you

Hi Jake!

It sounds like you’re trying to set up a neat inventory tracking system on You can do this by setting up a custom automation.

“When status changes to something, then increase/decrease numbers column to 1”

With’s limitations, I believe this can be done within the specific board you are in. Luckily, you can automate this through Zapier or

Hope this helps!

  • Shanine from Mindflows

Hi Shanine,

I am already aware of this automation. It is extremely limited. I want to be able to decrease a number value from a different board on a specific item.

The inventory count will be recorded on a different board

Hi @keijzers,

I have a inventory example I would love to walk you through that accomplishes what you are looking for and more. Would greatly appreciate to gain your feedback to improve it.

It context, it is a Inventory Control Center that houses the baseline inventory and a inventory pull board that translates the pulled inventory to the source board subtracting from the total inventory.

I also have automated inventory ordering per the low point of the inventory so that you never run out.

If interested, reach out and happy to schedule a demo and a free consult!

Mike B
Automation Architect

Hi Jake!

This can be achieved using connected board and mirror column.
Connect both boards and use automations on board 2 to change status based on status change in board 1 & add another automation to decrease value based on status change.

Here is a loom to see it in action.

Automation on Board 2 should be

Neelam B Consultant
Damco Solutions

Hi Neelam,

thank you very much for taking a look :slight_smile: I got the first part of the automation going but cant get the connect boards to translate

How did you get the mirrored column from the connected board working with an automation?

Hi Jake!

If you have any questions, please reach out to our team right here. We’re available 24/7 and happy to help.

Neelam B Consultant
Damco Solutions