Cross Board Automation that Increases/Decreases value of an Item in a specific group


I am looking to create a simple inventory tracking automation. I can’t seem to get it working.

I have an Item in Board 1 that uses 1 unit of stock in a process. Once that process is marked as status complete i want the Inventory item In Board 2 to decrease the total stock amount by 1 unit. For example:

When Status changes to Complete in all items of Group 1 in Board 1, decrease number value in Inventory column value of "Board 2 " in Group 1

I hope my outline above makes sense. Is this possible? If not, can i request for greater choice in cross board automations etc

Please let me know

thank you

Hi @keijzers

You could perhaps use something like Make or Zapier to hook onto the Monday API and check whenever all the item’s status changes to “Complete” of Group 1 in Board 1 then decrease the value of the inventory in Board 2 in Group 1.

Hope this helps!