Linking Items for Inventory

Hi there!

I’m trying to create an inventory tracking system using - The system would be organized by the following boards:

  • Inbound Inventory
    Where users will enter in the quantity of inventory items brought in named; ItemA, ItemB, ItemC, etc.
  • Inventory (Live)
    Where users will view the live quantity for each item
  • Used Inventory
    Where users will decrement from the Live inventory list

I’ve set up an automation where the Inbound board will move the item to live if a button is clicked, but am having difficulty linking the items to reflect the same Item name, and decrementing from the Live board.


  1. Is there a way to link items between multiple boards
    i.e. If (Itemname in BoardA = Itemname in BoardB) then do XYZ.

  2. Is there a way to decrement based on the same item name - or would we just have to decrease the quantity from the live board?
    i.e. If (Button Click in BoardC) subtract from boardB where ItemnameC == ItemnameB.

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There is a way i have seen and try it before, via vlookup app.
Seek for it and ask his author, there is a video
Step by step Inventory orders and stock management setup using VLOOKUP Auto-link for - YouTube