Link each item to its respective item on the connected board

Hi, is there any way to do this in bulk without linking every line item individually. I have two boards, both have Client Name so I want to use Client Name to mirror data between both boards such as Account Manager. I dont see any way of doing it without individually linking each item. I have 100’s of items so this will take a lot of time.

Hey @slooby :wave:

Unfortunately, you can’t link items in bulk at this time. The only way to automatically link items together is when an item is being created on another board via one of our Connect Boards automation recipes:

There is a possible workaround by using one of the above automations and effectively “recreating” all of the items on the other board, such as the workaround shown in this loom:

Another possible option to “auto-link” the already existing items would be to use one of the status change recipes and then use Batch Actions to change all of the statuses at once to trigger the creating and linking off all the items on the second board as well.

Let me know if this helps! Remember to mark this as solved if this answers your question :slight_smile:


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