Create and connect Product board + Inventory board + PO boards


I’m in the middle of trial period…and just can’t understand if this tool is good for us. I will appreciate your help.

Eventually I need to bill 4 boards and interconnect them.

-Raw materials inventory
-Products inventory
-PO list

The PO should be connected to Products inventory. When new order is created I can choose the Product from some droplist (or similar) + quantity.
The Raw materials inventory should be updated automatically based on product quantity that I entered above.

Is this possible…or maybe it is too much?


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Hey @Alexey_C :wave:

Welcome to the Community!

It sounds like you might like to take a look at the Connect boards column and the Mirror column - these will let you connect items between boards and then be able to reflect data from one board to another.
Read more on these here:
The Connect Boards Column
The Mirror Column

I’d recommend trying those out to see if they could work for you.
Once you’ve done that you can then look at using automations to change data on your board :smile:

@Alexey_C Great to have you here! I can suggest an Inventory solution that was using VLOOKUP app (Paid) by our customers. Here is a video demo of what they’ve been doing.

I hope this helps.