Using Numbers column instead of "value" for "less than/greater than" automation

Hi there,

I’m requesting that you be able to select a number column instead of a static value for certain automations, ie; “When a NUMBER (number column) is GREATER THAN/EQUAL TO/LESS THAN a VALUE (static value), change STATUS to SOMETHING” modified so that rather than a value I can select a numbers column. Bonus points if it’s able to use Mirror columns.

For my use case I have a separate numbers column called “Minimum Stock” which is a numbers column with manually entered numbers and are different per item. Since this feature currently isn’t supported I’m using a formula column as a psuedo-Status column, but since formulas are also not currently supported in automation I can’t use the formula column to trigger other automations. All I can do is set up flags and filters and manually modify status columns once my formula tells me I need to.

I think this would massively improve automation workflow. For example, if X numbers column falls below Y column’s value, it can change Z status column. Since “Status” columns are heavily supported by automation all sorts of automation could take place; notifying users, moving the item to certain groups, emailing certain people etc.

I think it would be essential to be able to do this.
There are countless situations that could be useful.

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