Using Numbers-Widget to display row data for a specific month

Hi all,

I was hoping for some more help with the numbers widget please.
I’ve set up the following:

  • Board for sales performance which has one group and in it each row for each month
  • There is a column for 1st Meetings
  • June, for instance, has 5 as the number for 1st Meetings
  • I then set up a Dashboard which use the numbers widget
  • The widget is connected to the sales performance board and included the 1st Meetings column

My issue:

  • This widget now displays the total 1st Meetings across all months. This is because I have all months in one group, since we need it like that in that view.
  • How can I select only one row, say June?
  • I did try to then use filter and it worked for a bit, but if I change data on Sales Performance, then it shows NA on the widget and I can’t get it working again.

Perhaps there is a better way to do this?
My goal is to show that stat on the dashboard so that we can focus on it in our daily meetings.