Using Siri to add a new task

I would like to be able to use Siri through my iPhone and Apple Watch to add a new task. I’m not familiar with all of the available integrations. Is this possible? Thank you.

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hi Martin
you can use TelegramBot For Board for integration board with telegram bot the you can use siri to sent message to this telegram bot chat the app will automatically create task in the board

just an idea,

Here is a downloadable Siri Shortcut that runs directly from your phone or watch by simply saying “Create Monday Item” (you can change this to whatever you like). The setup steps will ask you for your api key and the board id you want to add items to. It’s free and your data is only sent to (no 3rd party integrations).

Pro tip #1: duplicate this shortcut with different name to “create item” so you can use siri to directly add items to multiple boards.

Pro tip #2: If you set your board automation to Notify on New Item, then you will get a card pushed your phone that will enable you to add details in the newly created item with a single tap… no more messing around with searching and filtering

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Hello there! Is this shortcut still working? I downloaded and tried to make it work and, although it gives a successful message, the new task doesn,'t appear in the board.