Is there any way to create a task using Siri?

Hello there! :wave: I have recently upgraded my account and made a full switch from different applications into the -all-in-one I’ve been exploring ways to streamline my workflow, and I’m curious if anyone has successfully integrated Siri with for creating tasks. I have already read some topics in this community but sadly it hasn’t worked for me.

I’d love to hear about your experiences and any tips you might have on setting up this integration. Are there specific way, commands or tricks you’ve found useful? Looking forward to your insights! :rocket:

Thank you in advance!

Hey Juan,

I can see that you’ve already posted on this topic and given the suggestions a go. At this time, I am not too familiar with a third-party app that integrates Siri with the platform, however I will certainly try investigate this and get back to you if I find anything :pray:

Hello Biance! Yes, before asking I digged a bit both in Community and also external forums, but didn’t find any propoer solutions. I even wrote the developer of the shortut that is posted in that thread, but didn’t get any feedback.

I am also still working on it but I can’t find a proper solution to integrate in a easy and handly way voice commands for Siri in order to create a task in a board.

Should you find any proper way, please, do not hesitate to let me know!

Hi Bianca,

Checking in to see if there are any udpates here. Being able to use siri to create a task or post an update to a task would be incredible and save SO much time.

Thank you!

Morgan Roush

Hey Morgan,

Thank you for following up :pray:

I’ve investigated internally and at this time, this is not a feature that is on our immediate roadmap - I am sorry for the setback! That being said, there does seem to be a way to achieve this, if you want to take a look at this article - Siri Shortcut to Create Task In Board Using API | Just Reed.

I hope this helps in some way!

In order to use the workaround you suggest to use Siri to add a task, the app in the link requires our API. Is it appropriate to share out API? AND
Has anyone downloaed that app from JustReed and been successful? Thank you.

Hello there!

As far as I have tried, I haven’t been able to make the JustReed shortcut to work at all. I even contacted the developer with no answer. So I think that as of now, adding any task with Siri to is a dead end road.

Hi! I was just searching for a solution to this as well, and sort of came up with one that may work for you if you’re using Apple products… If you use the Monday app on your phone, and have voice dictation settings on, you can click + New Item and dictate the new item. Not as simple as “Hey, Siri”, but saves some typing at least. :wink:

Hi @jpatricio - I too was looking for a solution. I really wanted to be able to use ‘hey siri’ to add items to Monday. I created an iPhone Shortcut that works. I can share this with you if you are interested.

So far, it lets met create a task for a specific board, and I can specify a due date as well.

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Hi @jpatricio, I created some documentation below on how to use the Shortcut I created. Please let me know how it works for you. I’m happy to answer questions if you run into trouble.


I created this shortcut to allow me to add items to one of my Monday Boards while driving in the car. This shortcut allows me to say “hey siri Update Monday” and then add items to my Monday board.

Using the ShortCut

In order to use this shortcut, you will need your Monday API key and the Board ID of the board you want to update.

This link shows you how to get your Monday API key:

Once you have the API key, paste this into the text box in the shortcut that says ‘Put-in-your-Monday-API-Key-Here’.

This link shows you how to get your Board ID:

Once you have the Board ID, paste this into the text box in the shortcut that says ‘Put-in-your-Monday-Board-ID-Here’.

Rename the shortcut to whatever you want to call it when saying ‘hey siri’.


Despite what some of the Monday documentation says, the Group Name in your board is not the same as the Group ID (some of the documentation equates them). I probably could have written code to parse all the Group ID’s looking for a specific name, but I didn’t, so this will always add items to the first Group in your Board.

I ran into a similar problem with column names vs column ID’s. For some reason, the first date column I created had an ID of date4. That’s why in the shortcut, you will see that it is adding due date to a column ID called date4. You can use the above FAQ on Board ID to determine the column ID. You can then replace ‘date4’ in the text box that contains the code ‘,column_values: \”{\\”date4\\” which whatever your column ID is.

iPhone Shortcut Limitations

I had all kinds of trouble with setting this up. For example, I really wanted it to prompt for a date, but also let me say ‘no’ to a due date without have a separate prompt. When I first started trying it, I simply said ‘no’ to the due date questions. It turns out iPhone Shortcuts interprets this as wanting to end the shortcut. If you say ‘skip’ it jumps to the next shortcut. If you say ‘none’, it tries to set an alarm. What I discovered was that iPhone Shortcuts have all kinds of hidden reserved words. So, I settled on saying ‘no due date’ if there was no date.

Here is a link to the ShortCut

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Hello Brad! Today I was able to dedicated some time to work around the Shorcut. I just want to thank you because it works so smoothly. It is just what I was looking for.

I also made the other shortcut work. My main problem was that I thought that the board ID was the whole URL, where it has just to be the number at the end (noob mistake hahaha).

Again, thank you very much both for the shortcut and the explanation. I just had to change the Column ID.

So glad that worked for you!

I’ve used it a lot in just the last few days. The Monday API interface seems really solid. If I get some extra time, I’m going to add code to find the Group named ‘Siri’ and add it if it isn’t there. But until then, this works well :grinning:

Wow! That worked perfectly. Thanks so much. Is there a way of also selecting a status field?


When you say selecting a status field, are you wanting to put in an initial status - something like “New”?

Can there be a way to not set a “due date” and just add an item with nothing else

and do you see any possibility of adding any other fields?


If there isn’t a due date, then when it asks you for due date, just say ‘no due date’ and it won’t put in a date.

What other fields would you want added? The challenge is that you want to keep a balance between a comprehensive dialogue and something that is quick and easy to add new items. I use the shortcut primarily to add items to Monday when I am on the go, in the car, etc. Then later I can circle back, add details as needed, and move it to the correct group.

Brad, I am getting an error after giving the due date. Siri then asks if I will “Allow ‘Add Monday Item’ (shortcut name) to connect to ‘’ - Allow or Don’t Allow?” How do I correct this? Thanks for your help!

I wonder if an IOS update has introduced this. Have you responded with Allow?

I have responded with “Allow” and then it says, “Something went wrong. Please try again.”

I will update and see if anything changes.


Chris - I’m travelling at the moment but when I get back home on the weekend I’ll have a look. In the meantime, can you think of anything that changed? Did you make a change on Monday and/or did you get a new iPhone, etc.

… Brad