Using the Dropdown Column as the Y axis in a graph

I have multiple boards that feed into a dashboard where I’m trying to calculate the total dropdown options that have been selected. Specifically we are counting how many countries different individuals are connected to. Because these individuals have connections to multiple countries, we can’t use a status column. We want to be able to tell how many countries in total we have connections with. Because we have multiple people connected to the same country, we also can’t simply count the number of people we have.
As a workaround in the meantime, we’re using the board summary to tell us how many dropdown options have been selected, but since we’re combining data from 3 boards, we have to cross check to make sure those countries aren’t the same on the 3 boards. Can’t wait for this process to become faster and automatic!

Hi @KassidyH,
You could have a formula column and set the formula to {“name of dropdown column”#Count} to count the number of countries in the dropdown column.

I didn’t know about that formula! Unfortunately, in this instance I don’t think that will work. I don’t want to know a total of responses in the dropdown column, I want to know a total of countries. So if 2 people select the same country, I want it counted once. With the formula column it wouldn’t accurately be able to tell what had and hadn’t been counted already.