UTM Link Generator

I’m trying to create a UTM link generator and am running into issues with the formula. I need to have the formula remove the “&utm_content=” and “&utm_term=” when the Ad Content and Keywords columns are blank. Using statuses and automations, I was able to get partially there, but whenever I use the IF(AND)) function, it breaks. The formula below is as far as I’ve gotten. Any advice would be much appreciated.

IF({Content Status}=“Is Not Null”,CONCATENATE({Name},“?utm_source=”,{Traffic Source#Labels},“&utm_medium=”,{Medium#Labels},“&utm_campaign=”,{Campaign#Labels},“&utm_content=”,{Ad Content},“&utm_term=”,{Keywords}))

Hi @TPryor,

Instead of trying to add another condition (since you’re not publishing the syntax you’re having problem with, it is difficult to help you with it), why don’t you try this other approach which consists of having the if statement within the concatenate function.


Hi @GCavin,

This solved my issue.

I’ll remember to include the syntax going forward.