How to create UTM generator?

Can someone provide me the final function form for creating a UTM with utm_source, utm_content, utm_medium, etc.

Hey Abbie!

A URL with UTMs has a pretty standard structure, and you can use the “CONCATENATE” function, which lets you glue together text. Therefore you can CONCATENATE the necessary parts and make a valid URL.

Structure of a UTM

The first part is the actual URL, such as:

The URL must then be followed by a ? to indicate the URL is over and the UTM part has begun (the technical name for this are ‘URL query parameters’).

Each UTM parameter and value pair is also structured in a specific way. It is the name of the UTM param, then an equals sign (=), and the value. Such as: utm_source=youtube

Each UTM parameter-value pair is separated by an & symbol.

Putting it all together, you get something like:

Formula to do it

The CONCATENATE function takes a list of text values that it will stitch together into one string.

So with all the logic above, you get:

CONCATENATE({URL}, '?', 'utm_source=', {UTM Source}, '&', 'utm_medium=', {UTM medium}, '&', 'utm_campaign=', {UTM Campaign})

Another option, rather than a formula, is the app Column Magic has a feature called Text Builder.

There are specific recipes for building URLs into link columns. You use a message box and just type out text, and pick the columns from the column picker. It will then write the output to a link column. (You could also write it to a text column.) You can also use the value in updates, or other apps and integrations - where as a formula you can see and use only from your browser.

The recipe is available both as an integration and custom automation action. (just search “BUILD LINK” when creating the custom automation to find it, if you install the app!).

*full disclosure, I am part of the Column Magic development team.





Thank you so much! This is very helpful and useful.

Another great solution! Thank you for the insight to this option.