How do I add text to my formula that's not in a column?

I am setting up my first formula column and I’m using the concatenate feature to combine text from multiple columns. I also want to include text that is repeated to the forumla without having to host it in a column, because a user would have to copy it to each new row.

The formula I’ve created combines campaign information to create the UTM parameters for a URL. The campaign parameters are all unique however, there is always the /?utm_campaign= within the URL that is consistent. It’s this text that I’m wanting to add to the formula without pulling it from a column.

Current formula:
CONCATENATE({UTM_Param},{Campaign Name},““,{Location},””,{Other},“_”,{Date})

I know this isn’t right but this is kind of how I would expect the formula to be written, although I’m not sure ‘TEXT’ is right.
TEXT(“/?utm_campaign=”)+CONCATENATE({UTM_Param},{Campaign Name},““,{Location},””,{Other},“_”,{Date})

Any help would be appreciated it.


Here are two ways:
CONCATENATE("/?utm_campaign=", {UTM_Param}, {Campaign Name}, " ", {Location}, "", {Other}, "_", {Date})

"/?utm_campaign=" & CONCATENATE({UTM_Param}, {Campaign Name}, " ", {Location}, "", {Other}, "_", {Date})

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